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Kata.Games is a virtual open world of indie (independent) games. It is a platform for players and developers.

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Kata.Games is a metaverse of indie games where players can roam and play different games created by the developer community. 

As gamers/developers whose mission is to make the video game industry fairer. We have rethought the way video games are produced and distributed, in order to create a free platform that will be entirely available on the web.

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For gamers

Kata.Games offers free games accessible to all. Enter teleportation portals to play and discover games from creators/developers.

The Play2Earn concept will allow players to earn digital tokens, cryptocurrencies or credits while playing. Our project is now built upon Stellar ; multi-chain support is planned for latter this year.

What about developers?


Toolkit for game developers: Python-based and designed to be easy to learn and use.


Create2Earn allows developers to add paid features to their games while keeping them Free2Play.

Showcased & hosted game prototypes

Kata Games Team

(That list is non-comprehensive and subject to changes)

Thomas E.


Ph.D. in Computer Science, Thomas' entrepreneurial vision is a driving force behind Kata.Games. He is conviced that the future of Gaming is being defined right now


Léo W.

Co-founder & content manager

All-star student at the EM Business School in Strasbourg. Leo is promoting the company's image through custom digital content, blog posts, newsletters.


Aurélien L.


Provides valuable feedback and improves our strastegic operations


Alexandre W.


Specialization: Web technologies and Web3 software design

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